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Save Time, Reduce Risk – SmartPOS Retail Video Journaling by Petrosoft

5 November 2014
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The SmartPOS video journaling feature adds a layer of intelligence to video surveillance footage, providing a smart way to navigate hours of video footage. This layer of intelligence is created by connecting SmartPOS data, the electronic journal, to the video footage from up to four cameras. This feature assists the retailer in navigating through the hours of video footage from those four cameras which would usually be a cumbersome and, at times, an impossible task. The retailer can use this feature to navigate to specific transactions by employee, category or bookmark. With video journaling, using video footage to review restricted item purchases becomes a manageable task that can be accomplished within minutes versus hours.

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“The SmartPOS video journaling feature can bring peace of mind to the retail operator and employee while also saving them time. It can also help to cut through the confusion for questionable transactions. With video journaling, what was once considered frustrating and unmanageable becomes quick and easy,” said Sergey Gorlov, CEO of Petrosoft.

SmartPOS Solution Highlights:

  • Multiple cashier drawer configuration
  • Electronic journal
  • Video journal for up to 4 camera
  • Automated instant lottery ticket management
  • Loyalty program integration
  • Fuel pump integration
  • POS and online advertising management
  • Unlimited quantity and space for items and promotions
  • Item restriction compliance logging and reporting (age, EBT)
  • Online data and reporting access
  • Training mode for self-training
  • Capacitive screen designed to last for millions of touches
  • Fanless cooling for low maintenance
  • RAID for complete data redundancy
  • Real-time backup and restore
  • 11″ customer display
  • Automatic and unobtrusive updates so workflow goes uninterrupted

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