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SmartPOS Model 125

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SmartPOS Model 125 is a point-of-sale system by Petrosoft that is a fast, reliable, and user-friendly point-of-sale (POS) system designed to handle a retailers peak traffic and enabling uninterrupted workflow. SmartPOS 125 is a bundled software and hardware solution that is perfect for specialty retailers as well as general, corner, and convenience store.

The solutions includes an all-in-one POS station with an embedded printer, cash drawer and optional hand-held scanner and EMV-ready PIN pad. The system is compatible with multiple merchant service providers and is fully compatible with Petrosoft’s Qwickserve and C-Store Office back-office solutions. As the demands of your business grow, the SmartPOS 125 is designed to scale, accommodating back-office, accounting, loyalty and self-service kiosk integration. Retailers who wish to take advantage of video journaling, to keep track of instant lottery tickets or require fuel integration should consider the SmartPOS 400 and 800 models.

Key Features

  • Hardware and software bundled all-in-one POS terminal
  • Customer 7″-9″ display
  • Integration with loss prevention modules*
  • Video journal*
  • Cash management policy enforcement*
  • Unlimited sales history, items, and promotions
  • Dedicated technical implementation and support staff
  • Integration with a wide range of back-office solutions
  • Instant price book management
  • Instant lottery management*
  • Favorite department and item tagging*
  • Multi-language and currency features
  • Role-based access and secure user rights management
  • EMV-ready PIN pad, barcode scanner and cash drawer(s)
  • Centralized and secure cloud-connected POS management and backup
  • Integration with foodservice ordering solutions*
  • Electronic journal with event tagging and bookmarking
  • Instant lottery early theft detection*
  • Pending transactions management*
  • On-terminal training and help

* = optional features

SmartPOS 125 POS Barcode Scanner, Cash Drawer and PIN Pad Options

Contact your Petrosoft sales representative for scanner, PIN pad and other optional integrated solutions from Petrosoft.

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