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Petrosoft offers a platform as well as software, hardware, and services. The company’s integration options, technology, and services are designed to take advantage of advances in technology, leverage legacy systems, leverage industry partnerships, address the changes in consumer demand, and enable seamless connections within today’s retail ecosystem.

The company’s technology is positioned to deliver a measurable return (ROI) to retailers since it is focused on where sales and profits are realized, within day-to-day operations. Discover the integration options, POS, foodservice, back-office, fuel management, and partnership solutions from Petrosoft.

Petrosoft helps to streamline store operations with its SmartPOS solution and integration with POS and forecourt controller partners such as Verifone, NCR, Wayne, Bulloch, and Gilbarco. The solution also integrates with back-office and foodservice ordering kiosk systems.


Loss Prevention Analytics

Loss Prevention Analytics is revolutionizing the way retailers manage their operations by providing a clear view of a retailer’s operations and verifiable proof of errors and theft. The solution enhances both POS and loss prevention technology. With this solution, retailers gain access to accurate and timely information that has been historically difficult or impossible to obtain.

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Petrosoft Cloud

Petrosoft introduces the next generation of its cloud solutions, Petrosoft Cloud. With the company’s growth in products, services, and integrated solutions, Petrosoft Cloud amplifies and bridges the services delivered within this unified cloud solution. It is the backbone of the company’s cloud-based and cloud-connected services. It provides a secure infrastructure and support while…


Point-Of-Sale (POS) and Integrated Technology

With high employee turnover rates, wages on the rise, and increased consumer demand for fresh and convenient food, providing a consistent and streamlined customer experience has never been more challenging. Petrosoft helps to streamline store operations with its SmartPOS solution and integration with POS and forecourt controller partners such as Verifone, NCR, Wayne…

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Foodservice Ordering and Preparation

Meeting the consumers’ growing demand for convenient and freshly prepared food delivered flawlessly can be a challenge in an industry with high employee turnover. Petrosoft’s foodservice technology, Qwickserve, helps to deliver an optimal foodservice experience at every stage of the ordering process for both the consumer and retailer.

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Back-Office Solutions and Integration

C-Store Office is a cloud-based back-office system designed for convenience stores with gas stations. It increases operational efficiencies and speed data entry, reconciliation, and forecasting to optimize merchandise, food, and fuel sales, as well as margins, inventory turns, shrink, and spoilage. Discover how C-Store Office can improve a retailer’s bottom line….

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Fuel Management

Petrosoft provides a cloud-based fuel management software solution, Fuel-Central, to optimize the day-to-day operations of downstream fuel distribution. The solution enables dispatchers to monitor fuel inventory and improve driver scheduling while accountants gain greater control over the revenue cycle. Fuel distributors can track and forecast fuel inventory, create fuel …

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Site Integration Network Solutions

Petrosoft provides networking solutions under the brand name Direct Connect. Its current models are the DC-301 and DC-501. Direct Connect is a network, hardware, and software bundled solution. It is the reliable, fast, and secure way for retailers to automatically connect and transfer their video, foodservice, POS, and automatic tank gauging (ATG) data to their analytics and back-office systems

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Data Processing And Services

Petrosoft offers complimentary and fee-based services. The company also works with industry partners to offer additional services. Petrosoft services include financing, implementation, customization, customer support, training, data processing, data exchanges, accounting, price book builds, foodservice menu builds, and business analysis. Many of these services such as implementation, …

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Petrosoft Enterprise

Petrosoft Enterprise powered by SAP Business One provides a true enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business intelligence (BI) solution to the small to midsize segment of the global petroleum and retail marketplace. This powerful partnership integrates the Petrosoft Cloud and its end-to-end ecosystem of software and hardware systems with the unparalleled excellence of SAP ERP solutions.

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Advanced Analytics

With tight margins, volatile markets, and changing customer demands, retailers and wholesalers can’t rely on intuition alone to drive growth and adapt to change. They need data-guided insights. By looking across datasets, you can optimize product mix and inventory by season, market or segment in a few clicks.

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