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Qwickserve Mobile Applications

Increase Sales with Mobile and Online Ordering

Technology can help to increase sales by offering customers convenient ways to place orders and select delivery options. Mobile and online ordering can increase not only the frequency of sales but also the average ticket since consumers have more time to read menus, to customize their orders, select add-ons and to review promotions.

With Petrosoft’s online and mobile ordering, consumers can do what they like to do best with their tablets and phones:

With online ordering and mobile ordering, consumers can:

  • Retrieve previous orders
  • View menus
  • View restaurant information
  • View add-ons
  • View promotions
  • Customize orders
  • Select delivery options

This solution also enables restaurants to send orders to kitchen staff and delivery drivers, streamlining the entire order process.

“In fact, 46% of consumers say the availability of takeout or delivery options is an important factor to them when they choose a tableservice restaurant.
NRA, 2016 Restaurant Industry Forecast

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