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Waseem Petroleum

When Ejaz Rahim, Director of Operations at Waseem Petroleum, began to search for a new technology solution he knew the key to achieving his business goals included a flexible solution. The company’s business is diverse.

“We just grew too big to monitor gas sales and inventories manually” says Rahim, “but trying to find an electronic solution that could pull all of these various types of businesses together was a real challenge. We really needed to automate data collection, but there just did not seem to be one solution out there that could fit. We did not know our true pool margins at various locations and we were having trouble getting timely inventory data to base delivery schedules.”

That is when Rahim discovered Petrosoft and contacted the company. Petrosoft can address the need for a flexible solution since the company offers a number of software and hardware products to the different sectors of the retail petroleum industry.

It is because of this flexibility that Waseem Petroleum can now use the web-based i49 fuel sales reporting application to collect and report fuel sales, costs, prices, and margin data and can also project delivery schedules. The company can also use the statistical inventory reconciliation reporting (SIR) capability. Tying the whole system together is the Petrosoft Direct Connect DC 101 unit, the smart and fast proprietary hardware that connects the PCs, Ethernet and internet networks at the 70 locations to Waseem Petroleum corporate office.

“C-Store Office makes it possible and practical for us to reach the goal of managing our inventory at item level. The managers can use it and they can get the work we want them to do completed in a reasonable amount of time.”

“Petrosoft can pull data from registers and networked Veeder-Root gauges or allow manual entry through a PC,” says Rahim, “and we get all the data we require online at an extremely low price.”

All Petrosoft products are compatible so, as they move forward, Waseem petroleum is thinking about expanding the sophistication of its Petrosoft applications where appropriate.

“These units can all be combined together like building blocks,” he noted. “In the convenience stores, we are planning to upgrade to the full back office and it will work perfectly with the gear and software we already have for those locations. It gives us a clear path forward.”

About Waseem Petroleum
Waseem Petroleum owns and operates convenience stores, a number of gas stations and it also has a co-branding relationship with 7-Eleven in its North Jersey region. The Madison, New Jersey Shell and BP-branded distributor wanted to automate the data collection from the different technology that was being used at its locations. The company has networked ATG’s, non-networked ATG’s, a mix of POS systems and, in the case of the 7-Eleven locations, proprietary POS systems. In all, Waseem Petroleum services over 70 locations in New Jersey and New York.

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