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Handy Mart Stores

For Director of Marketing Tony Noonan, improving inventory control was the goal. “The most important thing about using C-Store Office for me is that we went from not scanning at all to doing item-level inventory in our forty-three store chain in a very short period of time,” says Noonan.

“The amount of knowledge and control we have gained over our inventory is just amazing. And C-Store Office is so well-suited to the C-Store environment that our IT people, accounting and store-level staff were all able to learn it and start using it quickly.”

C-Store Office delivers item level information that updates on every shift, so managers, purchasers and corporate staff always have detailed information on overstocked and understocked items. They can also see reports on fast moving, slow moving and dead items, too. In a very short time, managers learn to work with inventory to achieve optimum stocking levels to ensure fast moving items are in adequate supply and dead items are weeded out of inventory.
C-Store Office can also do automatic ordering, using the item-level information in the system to create orders for each supplier that are based on current actual inventory levels and historical item velocity.

About Handy Mart Stores
Handy Mart Stores operates 43 convenience stores in Eastern North Carolina, where they truly are “the local store” for much of the State. A division of large petroleum marketer E. J. Pope and Son, Inc., the company made a strategic move to expand their retail technology infrastructure in 2009 and 2010.

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Optimized Inventory, Cut Costs, and Raise Profits

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Item-level Inventory

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C-Store Office