New Tech Solutions for the C-Store Industry

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New foodservice technology and a special announcement on October 19th.

Qwickserve Ordering Kiosk, KDU, Mobile apps, and printers

Today’s digitally connected consumer demands unprecedented control over every step of the ordering process. Foodservice retailers are responding to this demand by adopting technology to streamline ordering, preparation, delivery, and operational communication.

With technology, consumers gain the ability to customize their orders as they build their made-to-order meal from a self-service kiosk, online or mobile device. They gain visibility into how their choice of ingredients will impact their health with the accompanying nutritional information. They also have the flexibility to decide when, where, and how to finalize their purchase.

Qwickserve delivers an optimal foodservice experience at every stage of the ordering process for both the consumer and retailer. The solution supports growing consumer demand for convenient and freshly prepared food delivered flawlessly. Qwickserve enables consumers to order and pay for foodservice items from an in-store touchscreen kiosk or their personal, digital device. Orders are submitted and processed in real-time, providing seamless connectivity between customers, foodservice staff, and operations. This ability to quickly and accurately communicate information enables retailers to increase quality, track sales, and manage costs to optimize margins and encourage repeat visits.